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How to Recover Hacked Free Fire Account? Step by Step process on -- Indi free fire.

How to Recover Hacked Free Fire Account? 

In the contemporary world, the gaming community has been facing a HUGE problem when it comes to hackers. Free Fire hack cases are no exception and if you are here, you desperately want to recover your hacked Free Fire account. We will talk about all the ins and outs and how you can recover hacked Free Fire account.

Currently, BGMI is facing a major problem with hackers. Hacking in games not only destroys the overall experience of other players, it costs the game its valued reputation. Sadly, it only gets worse when you take social media into consideration. The amount of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts that get hacked on a daily basis is staggeringly alarming.

For those of you who do not know, players can actually link their Facebook account to Garena Free Fire. This is a great additional layer of protection to prevent progress loss. But, it is also something that paves the way to the question, what if my Facebook account is hacked? How do I recover hacked Free Fire account then? Do

Free Fire Account Hacked How to Recover?

Before getting into the steps to recover your previous Free Fire account, let us first understand a couple of things. There are certain scenarios under which, Garena recognises that you have lost your account. These are:

  • Free Fire Account Ban
  • Lost Guest Account, and
  • Linked Facebook Account to which you have no access anymore

How to Recover Hacked Facebook Account – Step-By-Step process

Now, if you have lost access to your Facebook account because of a hacker, you have definitely lost access to your Free Fire account as well. To recover your hacked Facebook account, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Firstly, you would want to head over to the official Facebook page.

Step 2: Since you have lost access to your account, instead of being redirected to your profile, you will be stuck in the Facebook login page. Here, you will see a Forgotten Password option. Tap on this.

Step 3: Now, type in your email ID or mobile number. This will allow Facebook to look for your account. Hang on in there, you are getting closer to recover hacked Free Fire account and Facebook account!

Step 4: Facebook detects and identifies your profile. You will now receive an OTP on your number. Using this, reset your password.

Step 5: Tap on Garena Free Fire and open it on your device. Now, login via Facebook using the new password. Things have reverted back to normal and you have finally gotten access to both your Facebook and Free Fire accounts!

However, unfortunately, for Free Fire banned and Guest accounts, players are pretty much doomed. Garena has clearly stated that these accounts can’t be recovered.

Thank you for reading. And share this valueble information to your friends, Have a nice day!

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