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New Pet Cascudinho Comes In Free Fire and Learn More information about this pet on-- Indi free fire.

New Pet Cascudinho Comes In Free Fire and Learn More information about this pet:

The last Free Fire update, which took place in December 2021, brought a new Pet to the game. Cascudinho . Since then, the novelty was already displayed within the game, but was not yet available for use. According to the weekly calendar presented by the developers, the new Pet Mealworm will be available from this Wednesday, March 16th .

In general, Pets appeared in Free Fire as a mere companion and, given their acceptance, evolved to incorporate skills, increasingly decisive in the development of the game. These skills are currently interchangeable, allowing us to enjoy the company of our favorite pet, equipping it with the skill we deem most important.

Cascudinho is the new Free Fire pet and will be released in the game this March 16th, that is, next Wednesday. In addition, the novelty has been tested a lot through Advanced Server and, therefore, his skill is already known.In general, the pet mealworm’s ability is to decrease the damage received from the back , that is, when the player is using the pet, the damage suffered from behind will be less. It’s worth remembering that this skill is called Coarse Shell .

Cascudinho Skills:

This pet skill's are given below:

  • Level 1: Reduces damage (from FF Knife and bullets) taken from the back by 10% up to 100 points. Reuse time is 150 seconds.
  • Level 2: Reduces damage (from FF Knife and bullets) taken from the back by 15% up to 120 points. Reuse time is 120 seconds.
  • Level 3: Reduces damage (from FF Knife and bullets) taken from the back by 25% up to 150 points. Reuse time is 90 seconds.

How to get this pet?

According to the Free Fire weekly calendar, the pet Cascudinho will be available in a diamond recharge event , players must make a certain amount of coins to receive the news. Check below the amount of diamonds needed to release the pet

  • 1 Diamond = Pet mealworm.
  • 300 Diamonds = Pet Skin Meatworm Pro.

In short, players can get the new Pet Mealworm this March 16th after making a minimum recharge of just 1 diamond . In addition, with 300 more diamonds they will also receive the Cascudinho Pro skin.

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