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Top 5 Free Fire alternatives Games in India 2022--Indi free fire.

Free Fire alternatives in India 2022:

Top 5 Free Fire alternative Games Given below:

1.Garena Free Fire Max:

While the government has banned Free Fire, its improved version, Free Fire Max continues to remain playable in the country. Garena Free Fire Max remains the same game, just with better graphics, enhanced gameplay and more. Additionally, players have the option to migrate all of their current Free Fire data over to Free Fire Max.

The Max version of the game brings in better graphics, improved draw distance, along with more advanced features, while still at the crux retaining all of the features which made you like Free Fire

2. Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI):

After the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile in the country, Krafton Inc created a special fork of the game, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGmi). The game brought back everything we liked about PUBG Mobile, just with a few changes, which follow the government guidelines.

The game just like Free Fire includes multiple game modes and is arguably the most popular battle royale game currently available in India. It is a good alternative to Free Fire over Free Fire Max, considering that the game allows players to even download the low graphic pack if their device cannot handle graphic-intensive games.

3. New State Mobile:

New State Mobile (earlier known as PUBG: New State) acts as a sequel to PUBG/BGMI. The game comes with better graphics, compared to PUBG, and brings in a futuristic setting to the battleground.

The game features a lot of new and improved features like a futuristic setting, better maps, fast gameplay, better weapons, futuristic vehicles, drones and much more.

While the concept of the game remains similar to all other battle royale games, it is extremely fun to play. Just like Free Fire Max, it also has similar drawbacks, which include its size and its high resource usage.

4. Call of Duty: Mobile:

Call of Duty has been one of the most beloved FPS game franchises ever. While Free Fire and BGMI continue to rule the mobile gaming scene, Call of Duty: Mobile is not behind, with a good fan following. The game brings multiple game modes, along with a battle royale mode for players to have fun.

The game brings multiple elements like maps, guns, operatives and more from its vast lore of games, making it extremely fun and realistic to play.

The game has the largest map selection of 30 maps and a huge number of gun-skin customization to make everything seem better. The graphics offered in-game are leaps and bounds ahead of any other games on the list.

5. Fortnite:

Fortnite is an extremely popular battle royale game that brings cross-play abilities for players to play the game on any platform of their choosing. The game while a bit on the animated style has a lot to offer with its battle royale gameplay style just being one aspect that players can experience. 

The game also has a crafting element, using which players can build armaments, and combat with other players using the weapons and supplies they find.

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