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New Ranked Free Fire Season, See What Changes?

The 26th positioned Free Fire season is booked to end this Friday, April 15, 2022, and accordingly another period will start with brought down positions . As in the last releases, the new positioned period will go on around two months and the new expert shirt has previously been uncovered ahead of time.

New Ranked Free Fire Season, See What Changes?

As a rule, these progressions just occur in exemplary mode "Battle Royale", thusly, in Contra Squad mode, the season end date remains May 25.

New Ranked Free Fire Season, See What Changes?

It merits recalling that players who have arrived at the base position Gold I can now gather the themed skin of the FAMAS weapon. Moreover, those clients who have accomplished the Master rank can gather the Ranked T26 Blouse , known as the Free Fire 26 season ace shirt.

List of All Rewards In New Free Fire Season:

In general, there are two awards in each position. The position reward , conveyed promptly when the player arrives at the position and the Free Fire season - wide prize, conveyed toward the finish of the time according to rank accomplished.

New Ranked Free Fire Season, See What Changes?

Here are the different positions and awards of the exemplary mode "Battle Royale" in Free Fire:

Rank Rewards
Bronze I 1000 gold coins
Bronze II Airdrop (1), Scanner (1) and Patent Token (5)
Bronze III bonfire (1), resupply map (1) and Rank Token (10)
Silver I S24 Silver Banner, Airdrops (2), and Patent Token (20)
Silver II Airdrop (1), Treasure Map (2) and Rank Token (30)
Silver III Bonfire (1), Scanners (2) and Patent Tokens (40)
Gold I Gold Banner, Laura's FAMAS T-26 and Patent Tokens (50)
Gold II Card 50% XP (3D), Gold Royale ticket (1) and Rank Tokens (70)
Gold III Bonfires (2), Airdrop (2) and Rank Tokens (90)
Gold IV Airdrops (2), Treasure Map (2) and Rank Tokens (110)
Platinum I Platinum Banner, 50% XP Card (3D) and Rank Tokens (150)
Platinum II bonfire (1), Gold Royale ticket (2) and Rank Tokens (200)
Platinum III Scanners (3), Airdrops (2) and Patent Tokens (250)
Platinum IV Gold Royale ticket (3), Treasure Map (3) and Rank Tokens (300)
Diamond I Diamond Banner, 50% Gold Card (3D) and Patent Tokens (350)
Diamond II bonfires (3), shard boxes (2) and Rank Tokens (425)
Diamond III Treasure Map (3), Shard Boxes (3) and Rank Tokens (525)
Diamond IV Summon Airdrops (3), Gold Royale ticket (3) and Rank Tokens (625)

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