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Free Fire Max New Season-55 Elite Pass leaked-[ New outfits, Emote, and more ]

In this article we will discus about the Free Fire Max New Season-55 Elite Pass leaked-[ New outfits, Emote, and more ] The Elite Pass is one of the different techniques players in Free Fire Max can get selective Cosmetic products and different things. Consistently, new releases Seasons of the pass are made accessible, offering new compensations for clients to gain.

Free Fire Max New Season-55 Elite Pass leaked-[ New outfits, Emote, and more ]

The Season 52 Elite Pass is at present dynamic in the Battle Royale title, however it will end soon. The leaks for Season 55 Elite pass have proactively surfaced, and information diggers have provided fans with a thought of the many prizes they will actually want to acquire.

Free Fire Max New Season 55 Elite Pass Details Like [ Start Date , Rewards & Price ]:

The Free Fire Max New Season 55 Elite Pass will start on 1 December after the finish of Season 54 in November. It will run all month long and terminate on 31 December.

The expense of the pass will vary contingent upon the server players play on. For instance, the two unique variations of the pass, the Elite  Pass and Bundle, cost 500 precious diamonds and 999 precious diamonds, individually, on the Indonesian
Then again, the equivalent is evaluated at 600 precious diamonds and 1200 precious diamonds on the Brazilian server.

What are Free Fire Max New Season 55 Rewards?

New season 55 rewards have been leaked in this free fire max. If you want to know what they are, watch the video below. Or put it on the table.

Check out the table below for the types of rewards that will come from Budges in Free Fire Max New Season 55 of this season.


To Get
0Tuk Tuk- Cyan Iceworld
5Cyan Iceworld Avatar
10Triangular Snowflake Avatar
15Silver Frost Jacket
201x Weapon Royale Voucher
30Bad Hat Banner
40Cyber Frost Jacket & 1x Diamond Royale Voucher
50Witch of Glaciers Bundle & 1x Diamond Royale Voucher
601x Diamond Royale Voucher
80MAG-7 – Drowning Blizzard
901x Weapon Royale Voucher
100Cold Flow T-Shirt
115Triangular Snowflake Banner
125PLASMA – Drowning Blizzard
135Bad Hat Avatar
140Evolution Stone
150Cyan Iceworld Banner & Bad Hat Loot Box
180Icy Dash Backpack
200Winter Climb Backpack & Agile Boxer Emote
225Snow Broom Skyboard & Wizard of Blizzards Bundle

Aside from these things, lots of other random prizes will be accessible in the Free Fire Max New Season 55 Elite Pass.

Note:- Free Fire is restricted in India, and players from the nation ought to try not to play the game on their gadgets. They can keep on getting a charge out of Free Fire Max as it was not among the suspended applications. This data depends on the leaks, and the things haven't been affirmed by Garena. Compensations on the rundown might be changed before the authority release in December.

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