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[Garena] How to get Thompson Galactic Panthera from Free Fire Max Incubator ?

In this article we will discus about the [Garena] How to get Thompson Galactic Panthera from Free Fire Max Incubator ?  One of the Lucky Royale found in Free Fire MAX is the Incubator. More often than not, it will offer outfit packages or weapon skins as its essential prizes, and players should exchange special Blueprints and Advancement Stones to get their hands on them.

[Garena] How to get Thompson Galactic Panthera from Free Fire Max Incubator ?

After the new finish of the Reptilia Weapons Incubator, the new Carnivore Clash Incubator started on the Indian server of the Battle Royale title. It will be accessible for 40 days and highlights numerous firearm skins for Thompson, upgrading the general appearance and expanding explicit qualities.

The new Carnivore Clash Incubator in Free Fire Max:

The new Carnivore Clash Incubator started in Free Fire Max today and furnishes the players with a phenomenal chance to get four different firearm skins are "Cosmic Panthera", "Dawnbreaker Lynx", "Firehound jaguar", and "Hoarfrost Cheetah".

Like each and every other Incubator acquainted with the Battle Royale title, players should wind up spending precious diamonds to make spins and get their hands on Evolution Stones and Blueprints. Each spin will cost them 40 precious diamonds, while an assortment of 5 spins is valued at 180.

[Garena] How to get Thompson Galactic Panthera from Free Fire Max Incubator ?

The prerequisites to get the various skins are as per the following:

Gun skin NameTo Required
Thompson Galactic Panthera3x Blueprint , Carnivore Clash + 7 Evolution stones
Thompson Dawnbreaker Lynx2x Blueprint , Carnivore Clash + 5 Evolution Stones
Thompson Hoarfrost Cheetah1x Blueprint , Carnivore Clash + 3 Evolution Stones
Thompson Firehound Jaguar2x Blueprint , Carnivore Clash + 4 Evolution Stones

Gamers can trade 3x Reptilia Weapons (Going before Incubator) for 1x Blueprint: Carnivore Clash. This is an amazing other option if they would rather not get the past skins since those Blueprints will not be squandered.

Incubator Prize Pool List:

Aside from this, assuming players neglect to acquire Advancement Stones and Blueprints during their spins, they can in any case get different prizes. The total prize pool for this specific Lucky Royale comprises of the following:

S.noPrize Pool List
1.FAMAS – Metallic Weapon Loot Crate
3.Lucky Pants Crate
4.Loose Cannon Weapon Loot Crate
5.Pet Food
6.Evolution Stone
7.Futuristic Weapon Loot
8.100x Memory Fragments (Kenta)
9.Lucky Shirt Loot Crate
10.BOOYAH Weapon Loot Crate
11.Jutsu Elemental Badge
12.Blueprint: Carnivore Clash

How to get Thompson Galactic Panthera ?

Follow the Steps to access Incubator in Free Fire MAX and get Thompson Galactic Panthera

[Garena] How to get Thompson Galactic Panthera from Free Fire Max Incubator ?

Boot up Free Fire Max and explore to the 'Lucky Royale' segment by clicking on its symbol on the screen's left side.

Step2:- Various Lucky Royales will show up on the screen, and you might press the 'Incubator' choice.

Step3:- You may at long last choose the expected spin choice, i.e., one spin or five spins.

Step4:- Later on, when an adequate number of tokens have been gained, click on the 'Exchange' choice and pick the ideal skin.

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