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[Garena] Releases tenth(10) Magic Cube mission in Free Fire Max.

In this article we will discus about the [Garena] Releases Tenth(10) Magic Cube mission in Free Fire Max. The beyond couple of weeks have been very energizing for players in Free Fire Max, as various events have been added because of the Light Fest festivities. A couple of additional events are coming and the peak day festivities are good to go to happen 24 October 2022.

[Garena] releases tenth(10) Magic Cube mission in Free Fire Max.

Throughout recent days, Garena has been presenting Magic Cube missions, with each offering 10x Magic cube Fragments. Today, designers have added the last one ( 10th Magic Cube mission), and gamers can finish it by getting done with the basic task allocated to them.

10th Mission of free Magic Cube Fragments added to Free Fire Max:

The tenth and last task "Booyah in BR" was acquainted with Free Fire Max today and will be accessible until 24 October. Players should satisfy the target of "Booyah-1 Times in BR Mode" during the span of the event to get 10x Magic cube Fragments.

On the off chance that players have achieved all past tasks so far, they will have 100x Magic cube Fragments, which they can "Exchange" for an Magic Cube in the game. Players can later exchange a similar magic cube for any of the accessible outfit Bundles.

How to Get Magic Cube In New (Play to Win Event) ?

Aside from the Missions, Garena is giving users a potential chance to get one more Magic Cube as a feature of the "Play to Win" Event. They don't need to finish a difficult tasks and can play the game for an hour to Obtain the Magic Cube free of charge.

[Garena] releases tenth(10) Magic Cube mission in Free Fire Max.

Addition to the Magic Cube, different prizes are additionally included for a similar event, and coming up next are the prerequisites to get them:

Complete the TasksTo Get Free Rewards
Play-30 MinutesIncubator Vouchers-5x
Play-45 MinutesName Change Card
Play-60 Minutes"Magic Cube"

Players shouldn't miss this event since it gives a phenomenal chance to get an Magic Cube and a Name Change Card, the two of which are profoundly sought-after things in the game.

How to Claim 10x-Magic Cube Fragments in FF Max ?

On the off chance that you are finished with the mission, follow the means illustrated beneath to obtain the 10x Magic Cube Fragments :

Step1:- Tap on the Light Fest symbol on the right half of the Lobby screen in Free Fire Max.

[Garena] releases tenth(10) Magic Cube mission in Free Fire Max.

 When the various events show up on the screen, you ought to choose the "10: Booyah in BR" Event.

Step3:- Ultimately, you might tap on the "claim" choice next to the 10x Magic Cube Fragments to Obtain them inside the Battle Royale title.

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