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Garena releases sixth (6th) Magic Cube mission in Free Fire Max

In this article we will discus about the Garena releases sixth Magic Cube mission in Free Fire Max The Magic cube is quite possibly of the most pursued thing in Free Fire MAX since it tends to be reclaimed for an assortment of novel outfit groups. In any case, getting this cube is definitely not a simple errand, and there are a couple of ways for gamers to procure it.

Garena releases sixth (6th) Magic Cube mission in Free Fire Max

On account of the continuous
Light Fest festivities on the Indian server, the designers intend to give out two Magic Cubes to players. One Shape will be given  24 October, while the other can be acquired in the wake of collecting 100x Cube Fragmentes by finishing different everyday missions.

Recently, the sixth Day to day Mission was added to the game, expecting players to follow through with the straightforward job of aiding their colleagues up. Every one of the insights regarding this most recent mission are given beneath.

Mission 6 of free Magic Cube Fragments added to Free Fire Max:

The sixth mission, i.e., "Help-Up Teammates", was added today to Free Fire Max and will stay dynamic until 20 October. In view of this data, players will have two days to finish the mission of "Help 2 Teammates Up."

Since there has been no notice of a specific game mode, players can take a stab at finishing this mission in any of their favored ones, be it Battle Royale or Clash Squad. Considering that they just have to resuscitate two teammates, they ought to have the option to finish this in a solitary match, yet it could take longer in light of their playstyles.

How to Get 10x Magic Cube Tokens in Free Fire Max ?

When you have figured out how to finish this particular mission, you can look at the means gave beneath How to get 10x magic cube token in FF Max:

Step1:-  In the wake of opening Free Fire Max, explore to the 'Light Fest' segment by tapping on the image showed beneath:

Garena releases sixth (6th) Magic Cube mission in Free Fire Max

 The different occasions will be introduced on your screen, and you should then choose "6: Help up teammates"

Garena releases sixth (6th) Magic Cube mission in Free Fire Max

 At long last, you can press the 'Claim' button adjacent to the 10x magic cube obtain to get them.

Obtain the Rare Bundles with Using Magic Cube:

The various Magic Cube Bundles that are at present available in-game store:

Garena releases sixth (6th) Magic Cube mission in Free Fire Max

S.noPresent Bundles
1.Crazy Panda Bundle
2.Sexy Bunny Bundle
3.Legionaries Bundle
4.King’s Sword Bundle
5.Hunger Strike Bundle
6.Magma Bionicon Bundle
7.Inking Affection Bundle
8.Doctor Scarlette Bundle
9.Doctor Red Bundle
10.Flaro Tribe Bundle
11.Fury Tribe Bundle
12.Arcane Seeker Bundle
13.Mystic Seeker Bundle
14.Silver Titan Bundle
15.The Colossus Bundle
16.Wicked Jester Bundle
17.Night Clown Bundle
18.Star Gazer Bundle
19.Bladebill Soarer Bundle
20.Snappy Bundle
21.Nerves of Steel Bundle
22.Operation Elite Bundle

Taking into account that two Magic Cubes will be made accessible to gamers, they can obtain any two of the favored Bundles in light of their inclinations on 24 October 2022.

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