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How to get Purple Top Criminal Bundle in Free Fire Max through Criminal Royale ?[Prize Pool List]

In this article we will discus about the How to get Purple Top Criminal Bundle in Free Fire Max through Criminal Royale ?[Prize Pool List] After an extended pause, players on the Free Fire Max India server can now get their hands on the Purple Criminal Bundle, with Garena relaunching the much-anticipated intriguing corrective as a component of the Light Fest Event. The outfit is accessible in Criminal Royale, where people can spend precious diamonds to add it to their collection.

How to get Purple Top Criminal Bundle in Free Fire Max through Criminal Royale ?

The whole Top Criminal Bundle appreciates unmatched prevalence inside Free Fire MAX as they were delivered as a component of the early Hatcheries. Thus, relatively few players had the option to get this assortment, making this an uncommon product in the game. With its relaunch in October 2022, players have until 25 October 2022 to buy the Top Purple Criminal Bundle.

Collect other prizes along with "Top Criminal Bundle":

Criminal Royale is in progress inside the Free Fire MAX India server beginning from 12 October 2022. Players just have to make turns utilizing Precious diamonds to get an irregular compensation from its award pool. 

How to get Purple Top Criminal Bundle in Free Fire Max through Criminal Royale ?

Each spin will cost 40 precious diamonds while a pack of five has a minor, costing 180 precious diamonds rather than 200.

Prize Pool List:

1.Top Criminal (Purple)
2.Magic Cube
3.Crack of Dawn (Top)
4.Crack of Dawn (Bottom)
5.MP5 – Blood Red
6.Silver Bullet
7.Summon Airdrop
9.Pet Food
10.Universal Fragment-80x
11.Pink Devil Weapon Loot Crate
12.Victory Wings Loot Crate
13.Imp-Heads Weapon Loot Crate
14.Phantom Weapon Loot Crate
15.Weapon Royale Voucher
16.Diamond Royale Voucher
17.Cube Fragment
18.Discount Coupon
19.Island Life
20.Sports Car – Bolly Party
21.Pan – Watermelon
22.Spikey Spines Backpack
23.M249 – Fire Bones
24.VSS – Metallic

Tragically, there is no assurance of getting the Purple Top Criminal after a specific number of spins. Be that as it may, with each ensuing spin a player's Luck remainder increments, working on their possibilities getting this specific pack.

Follow given Steps to get the Top Criminal Bundle(Criminal Royale) :

Step1:- Open the Lucky Royale in Free Fire MAX by click the important choice from the left menu.

Step2:- Select the Criminal Royale choice to open the event interface.

Step3:- Spend precious diamonds to make spins and get compensates arbitrarily. As expressed before, the two accessible choices are one spin 40 precious diamonds and five spins 180 precious stones.

Step4:-  Keep causing spin until you to have gained the Top purple criminal bundle outfit.


There is no decent expense of procuring the Purple Top Criminal Bundle in FF Max. A few players might need to burn through a huge number of precious diamonds. Conversely, others might attract the outfit turns worth a couple hundred precious diamonds.

Just those with adequate in-game cash ought to proceed this Spin. Spending precious diamonds for this Evnet is worth the effort as the Criminal Bundle are the absolute most uncommon outfits in-game and are not accessible 100% of the time.

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