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Garena Free Fire Max "Super Kick Event" to Get football jerseys and more rewards

In this article we will discus about the Garena Free Fire Max "Super Kick Event" to Get football jerseys and more rewards. The new "Super Kick Event" is live on FF Max, once again introducing a whole assortment of football-themed things, including Emotes, Rare jerseys, and that's just the beginning. Players can't draw the prizes for nothing yet should spend precious diamonds to get a unique "Soccer Token".

Garena Free Fire Max "Super Kick Event" to Get football jerseys and more rewards

Consequently they can Exchange the tokens for the favored things through the Exchange area. The "Super Kick Event" started off on November 22, 2022, and will stay open until December 19, 2022. In this way, players have sufficient opportunity to add selective things to their collections.

What are the Exclusive Rewards in Super Kick Event ?

The new Super Kick occasion has started on the FF MAX Indian server and is planned somewhat in an unexpected way. You need to make kicks by spending precious diamonds to get exceptional "Soccer Tokens". A solitary kick costs 40 precious diamonds, while five kicks retail at 180 precious diamonds.

Garena Free Fire Max "Super Kick Event" to Get football jerseys and more rewards

In the wake of amassing an adequate number of tokens, you can exchange them for the favored things. The "Exchange" store of the event includes the following things, and the prerequisites for the tokens are as per the following:

Require Soccer TokensTo Get Reward
1-Soccer TokenBounty Token
1-Soccer TokenScanner
2-Soccer TokenCosmic Bounty Hunter Weapon Loot Crate
3-Soccer TokenCyber Bounty Hunter (AUG + MP5)
3-Soccer TokenDiamond Royale Voucher
3-Soccer TokenMagic Cube Fragment
25-Soccer TokenThe Victor
25-Soccer TokenSii!
40-Soccer TokenTop Scorer emote
35-Soccer TokenChrono’s Bounty Hunter Bundle
40-Soccer TokenChrono’s Deluxe Bundle
20-Soccer TokenChrono
10-Soccer TokenSilver Boot
10-Soccer TokenShining Boot
20-Soccer TokenShadows
20-Soccer TokenWhite Hurricane
20-Soccer TokenBlue Shorts
20-Soccer TokenRed Seas Breeze
20-Soccer TokenKing of Lions
20-Soccer TokenConqueror’s Blue
20-Soccer TokenNo.10 Ruby Jersey-Bottom
20-Soccer TokenNo.18 Green Jersey-Bottom
20-Soccer TokenGrenade
40-Soccer TokenTaegeuk Tiger
40-Soccer TokenInca Warrior
40-Soccer TokenGolden Caffeine
40-Soccer TokenCaribbean Hurricane
40-Soccer TokenAztec Eagle
40-Soccer TokenWinged Hussar
40-Soccer TokenThe Claw of Charrua
40-Soccer TokenRed Devils
40-Soccer TokenNavigator
40-Soccer TokenThree Lions
40-Soccer TokenLa Coq Gaulois
40-Soccer TokenBullfighter
40-Soccer TokenIron Tank
40-Soccer TokenPampas Eagle
60-Soccer TokenChrono Top Scorer Bundle

How to Get Super Kick Event Reward ?

Follow the Steps in the section given below to Obtain the rewards from the new Super Kick event:

Step1:- Open the new Super Kick event interface in FF MAX

Garena Free Fire Max "Super Kick Event" to Get football jerseys and more rewards

  Make the ideal number of kicks by spending precious diamonds to get "Soccer Tokens" haphazardly.

Step3:- Tab on the "Exchange" Store choice in the base left corner and press the button underneath the favored thing to claim it.

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